Apollo bringer if the sun and stars in this case the bringer of fast milk to Derby @ModelRailClub @DapolRailways @minorieslayout @CopleyHill @SimonsShed

#WagonPics No.244 : British Railways Plywood 12 Ton Ventilated Van KDB769490 built at Darlington in 1955. Passed to the signal engineers as a TOPS code ZDV, then Internal User 024966 at Crewe Gresty Lane S&T Yard 16/2/96 #Railfreight #Crewe #trainspotting #Darlington #BritishRail

In the early C20th, cranes were getting bigger, The Smith 15-ton cranes of 1907 had longer jibs capable of infinite radius adjustment by means of
derricking tackle and lifting 15 tons out to a radius of 21 feet when propped. From Railway Cranes Vol 3; https://t.co/955KmIjzO5

Since there's already loads of photos of @LNER #91119 I thought I'd share mine at @NetworkRailLDS just after it'd arrived on the morning of 14th Nov.

#BRDepartmentals No.3 : ex-LNER vehicle departmental number series DE320202 a mobile Carriage & Wagon Dept. Instruction Unit based at Doncaster NE Region. Pregrouping coach - any ideas of origin anyone? Doncaster 1950s #LNER #trainspotting #Doncaster #BritishRailways #coaches

#ThrowbackThursday 7812 @ErlestokeManorF in the fog at Bewdley @svrofficialsite a couple of years back. Some epic weather on the festive services, must pay a return visit (bring on the snow... but not too much, ta!) 👍

Winter (and Christmas) is just around the corner, an excellent excuse to show off some of the beautiful snowy pictures that have been shared with us.

This pic of the legendary Tornado was taken earlier this year by Emma Seddon, would love to see that on a Christmas Card! 🌪️❄️⛄

Ther are so many interesting pictures in Cranes 3, GWR No 23 was built in 1900 and photographed at Swindon on 23 July 1961. GWR 6-ton crane No 58 is shows in train formation behind diesel-hydraulic ‘Western’ Class No D1059 on 11 September 1964 at Reading. https://t.co/955KmIjzO5

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