My Garden Railway

My Garden Railway

Over the next few years I broke out of the shed into the garden, originally in a small way with short length of track with a run round and  then expanding the length of run incorporating a return loop. After about three years I extended the line to a station at the top of the garden giving me somewhere to run to. The following year the line was extended again to give me a very large continuous run, and then the next year another terminus was formed in the front section of the layout room adding to the operational potential of the railway.

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As I had said earlier I aimed to plan an addition to the layout each year and the next year was no exception when the track was doubled from the new terminus to the mid point station, from there it remained single track into the Branch terminus. It was during the next twelve months that my wife commented that it would be much nicer if I had trains running in both directions at the same time, so this became the next stage in the development of the railway to change the newly formed terminus into a through station and complete the double track mainline around the garden.

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The last twelve months have been taken up with the development of the through station, entailing the building of extended platforms and the construction of a station building, to follow there is to be an island platform shelter based on the one at Bewdley SVR and the construction of a GWR footbridge to link the two platforms.

Following on the history of my garden railway I have come to the stage where I need to consolidate on what I have. As said in the brief history of my modelling career I have added the track work and platforms for a through station. Because of the size of the area I needed a station building which would stand out and not get lost, I did not want a two story building so I looked for a suitable structure through my large collection of GWR literature. I eventually settled on building a scale model of Tetbury in Gloucestershire which I know is a branch line terminus but has a long station building and an accompanying lamp and stores building giving me a composition around 60cms long. It too has a large canopy and makes a substantial structure.

I wanted a model that would stand the test of time, so I made the main structure from a quality 4 mm birch plywood. I had a set of drawings from Paul Karau’s Branch Line Termini which I enlarged to give me a set of 7mm scale drawings. These I mounted on a piece of board to keep them stable and I proceeded to transfer the dimensions of to the ply making sure that I allowed for the thickness of the ply and embossed brickwork sheeting. I cut out all the necessary apertures with a good sharp Stanley knife and the laid them over the plans to make sure they were correct. I then glued the sides up to form a box shape and inserted the internal walls, this gave the model strength.

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