Jack Nelson Diorama – Wavetree Station

Jack Nelson Diorama – Wavetree Station

This diorama is undoubtedly one of Jack Nelson’s finest.  It depicts Wavertree Station looking towards Liverpool.  Though not large, 24” wide, 24” deep and 15” high, it carries all the hallmarks of this brilliant modeller’s work.  It is difficult to appreciate from the associated photographs the amazing perspective of this model.  The coach on the right hand side of the model, destined for Crewe, is about 7” high, whereas that receding into the distance, which is only 18” from the front of the diorama, is a mere ¾” high!

John Mileson, Lets Go Loco

On the left hand platform there are seven figures.  Those closest to the front are probably both porters.  The group at the back include one member of the station staff and four passengers, the centre couple sporting very elegant Edwardian dress.

Notice the rows of terraced houses at the back right hand corner of the diorama, the majority of which are flat sheets of paper onto which the brickwork, roofs, and chimneys, etc, have been painted.  The construction of the model is typical of Jack’s work.  He has used hardboard for the majority of the model including the carcass, station buildings and the coach.  The rest is made from card, paper and Perspex.

Though crude in construction, his skill was to create an illusion and only the faces of the model that can be seen from the front are in any way complete.

Bearing in mind this was made some 60 years ago, few have been able to equal the skill and accurate recording of the railway scene of yesteryear captured by Jack Nelson.  For that we must be eternally grateful and thankful that at least some of his dioramas have survived.  This and the remaining Jack Nelson dioramas can be seen at the Conwy Railway Museum in Betws-y-coed.

John Mileson

16th April 2014

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