Photographs Of Norfolk’s Lost Railways?

Photographs Of Norfolk’s Lost Railways?

Do you have any photographs of Norfolk’s lost railways??

An article by Trevor Heaton in EDP 24 talks about the photographer, Stuart McPherson, captures Norfolk’s lost railways – then and now.

He is not only interested in the railway but how nature has claimed back where they once ran.

You can keep your cars and planes… no form of transport attracts quite so much nostalgia as the railways.

But Stuart McPherson is approaching the subject from an unusual, time-travelling angle.

The day job sees Stuart as an insurance broker but in his spare time he is a keen photographer, winning a growing following for his evocative re-creations of lost railways, especially the much-missed old M&GN line.

“My friend Nick Stone created the Norwich Blitz ghost image series which inspired me to try it out for myself,” he explained.

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However if you can loan Stuart any archive images, contact him on

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