Severn Tunnel East

Severn Tunnel East

Steve Fay’s year started with him planning on building some Diorama/Layouts in 7mm scale which were to be about 8 foot long and built to sell. The new owner would then be able to incorporate it in to a bigger layout, or simply add fiddle yards or add it in to a round loop.

Each of the dioramas would be based on real locations and would use the same process that was used on his Canton layout compressing the area to suit the available size but at the same time capturing the feel of the actual location. It’s only 8 foot long but it’s designed for space starved modellers. A stretch of main line in a relatively small space. He did a version of Cardiff canton engine shed in 6×2 again in O to show what could be achieved in a small space.

severn-tunnel-east-10 severn-tunnel-east-2
The main structure for the 2 boards was made of Plywood and MDF, once complete the whole area for the groundwork was covered in dyed Teddy Bear fur which was glued over the formed groundwork and then detailed. The grass was toned down by spraying with a mud brown and olive green spray and a bit of singing. The terrain was then detailed giving varying lengths of grass by using some hair clippers and then adding thicker foliage and bushes. Looking at pictures of the embankment it was always quite messy and un-kept, lots of scenics were needed to cover it. A close up shows the wide variety of flora & Fauna to be found on the embankments at Severn Tunnel East. Polak products were used for most of the scenic detailing.




C&L track was used with Bullhead used on the Down main with Flat bottom on the Up main then both were weathered. He simply run some masking tape down the centre and sides and given an over spray of brown. The down line got JLTRT track dirt down the centre as its the older bull head rail.



Whilst all this was being done Steve had commissioned Philip Healey Pearce of Intentio Designs to produce two tunnel mouths and the signal cabin. Great Western ARP box for Severn Tunnel East. This kit should be available soon. It’s an austere design but one you don’t often see modelled.


Signals were built by Jon Fitness producing a top job yet again having supplied signals for both Canton & Old Oak Approaches. Jon uses components from scale signal supplies, MSE and his own designs.

severn-tunnel-east-13 severn-tunnel-east-14

Steve also made up some Pete Clark line side equipment boxes for Severn Tunnel East. A small post mounted box for by the bracket signal and two large ones for behind the signal box. They need a bit of dirt added yet.

severn-tunnel-east-24 severn-tunnel-east-25

The tunnel mouths arrived from Intentio designs which perfectly capture the look of the prototype. He then painted them, first priming them in halfords grey then £ shop gloss white. For the top half he used humbrol sand stone colours mixed for varying shades. Then he dry brushed humbrol Matt black over followed by a few more coats including some green and brown shades.

Below are a group of photographs Taken of the completed model.