Should the Rail Network Be Nationalised?

Should the Rail Network Be Nationalised?

Across the media over the weekend there is information on how Jeremy Corbyn reveals how Labour will renationalise railways if he becomes Prime Minister including this one in the Daily Mirror by Vincent Moss 

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They state that:-

In his first major policy announcement since becoming Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn promised to create the “People’s Railway”.

Unveiling his plan to the Sunday Mirror, Mr Corbyn said all rail franchises would be brought back into public ownership as they expire under a Labour government.

At present, the Department for Transport contracts out former British Rail services to 23 privately-run train operating companies under its franchising system.

But Labour’s new Shadow Transport Secretary Lilian Greenwood will head a new taskforce to pave the way to end the process under Mr Corbyn’s rail revolution.

Mr Corbyn told the Sunday Mirror: “We know there is overwhelming support from the British people for a People’s Railway, better and more efficient services, proper integration and fairer fares.

“On this issue, it won’t work to have a nearly but not quite position. Labour will commit to a clear plan for a fully integrated railway in public ownership”

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