Creating Your Railway

Creating Your Railway

If the urge takes you into wanting to create your own model railway, do not rush straight into it. A little bit of thought will save you a lot of heartache and more importantly money.

You may wish to consider the ‘S’ factor – space, subject, scale and scope. The ideal environment for your layout has to be temperate, as clean and damp free as possible and shielded from excessive sunlight, out of the way in terms of household hustle and bustle, and not in the same area where pets may have access, especially cats.

Something that has taken months to create could be ruined in seconds. Wherever you site your layout, the area needs to have access to power, light, heating and good ventilation.

Some thought needs to be given to:

  • What era do you wish to model and how much space have you available to work with?
  • Space is a big factor when deciding as to what scale you wish to work in.
  • Do you want to create a fixed layout or do you wish it to be portable?
  • Do you want an indoor or outdoor railway?

When you have considered the above then some thought needs to be given to the era in which you wish to model.

  • Modern image gives you all the inspiration you may need on your doorstep.
  • Period railways need to be researched as there is limited visual reference, but there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from creating a model for which you have done all the research for
  • You do not have to stick to standard gauge there is a world of adventure modelling in narrow gauge. This is a gauge that is well catered for in a variety of scales. It lends itself to both indoor and outdoor scenic railways and can be as large and elaborate as you may wish.
  • The other consideration is what scale to choose for your model. There is an array of scales to chose from.