Structural Modelling – Part 2

Structural Modelling – Part 2

All of the buildings have been constructed by the same process using a 4mm plywood base, then laminating on embossed building sheets, stonework from Wills Kits and South Eastern Finecast for the brickwork and other details. Finer detailing parts were from Slaters, Scalelink and S&D Models.

The signal box was built using the same method but with P4 sleeper strips being used to simulate the planking and the kit for the internal detail was from Springside Models.

From what I have said above I was assuming you would be scratch building your structures, but for people not taking this approach there are many good kits made out of card. Metcalf Models, Superquick andAlphagraphix all produce pre-printed card kits which follow varying styles. Bilteezi produces a series of thinner card kits which would need to be re-inforced, and you will find companies such as scalescenes.comABM Railcraft and Model Scenery Company all provide digital data for you to download and then print off your copies as and when you require them. There are also quite a few companies producing laser cut wood kits, such as Lasercraft Devon Ltd, Timber Tracks, Ancorton Models and Poppy’s Wood Tech.

For people wanting to use ready built models companies such as Skytrex, Townstreet both supply resin cast models which come totally finished or as a raw casting ready for you to paint.

Hornby has it’s Scaledale range whereas Bachmann has it’s Scenecraft range, these kits are all finished and can be taken out of the box and placed on your layout. Harburn Hamlet also produces a series of finished models.

As in the real world everything gets weathered and there are some excellent publications available to guide you through the art of weathering. There are specialist books, there are articles very regularly in the monthly magazines and there are some very good videos/CD’s on the subject.

Bridges, Tunnel Mouths and Retaining Walls

With any of these structures they can be scratch built or you can buy kits and castings.

When scratch building your structures always refer to photographs, drawings or in some cases the actual thing. Whatever you do, do not stray on to the railway as it could turn out to be fatal. There are many definitive works on bridges, in fact there is one totally devoted to Brunel’s Timber Viaducts. Many of them will contain drawings, so don’t create something that won’t work in reality, it could spoil the look of your model railway.

When scratch building I make the basic framework out of ply and then face it with either stone or brick embossed plastic sheets, if you feel really sadistic you could always make your own brick or stone pieces out of modelling clay and then brick lay in miniature. You could always cover you ply structure in modelling clay and then when the clay is dry scribe out the detail.

If you do adopt this process use a coating PVA glue to seal the structure before you put on the clay. Please refer to an excellent article called Clews Cottage by John Mileson which appears on this website. Any of the suggested processes can be used for any of the structures above, but for the modeller who does not wish to scratch build then there are Card kits which you could use. Metcalf Kits, Builteezi, Wills Kits and Superquickall produce kits for bridges, retaining walls and tunnel mouths. You can buy cast parts also from Skytrex,Scenic Solutions, Townstreet, and Invertrain to help you create your desired structure.

The tunnel mouth and road over bridge were again constructed from a basic plywood shell and then embossed random stone plastic sheeting from Wills Kits with the keystones being made from Please find photographs of my tunnel mouth and road over bridge in the attached photo gallery above.

Below are some photographs of the structures I have built for my own layout.

Buildings - By Mike Whatton

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