Sad Passing of Michael Whatton

Sad Passing of Michael Whatton

Owner of LetsGoLoco

You will have noticed that there hasn’t been much activity on the site lately. Michael was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer back in August 2010. He managed to fight the illness until May 2018, when the cancer started to become aggressive. He broke his ankle that month which put treatment back again.

He was very ill in the September and every few months he suffered from various illnesses. That was until April 2019 when he suffered from Sepsis. This happened every few weeks, even suffering from Pneumonia and Sepsis while in Cornwall on holiday this time last year.

Michael June 11th 2019 His Birthday

The family managed to take him to the Severn Valley Railway on the 16th August 2019, he wasn’t very well and normally would be up and down the train but he was unable to.

Michael & Son Ian

The following Thursday, on the 22nd August, the cancer had taken complete hold of his spine and it had caused him issues with his mental capacity.

He was in hospital for 3 weeks and finally returned home for another 3, where I nursed him night and day.

On the 3rd October he was admitted to the local hospice where he spent the next 9 days, actually suffering greatly, and at 10.25 on Saturday 12th October 2019 he sadly passed away.

He was cremated on the 30th October the day before our 49th wedding anniversary and I have his ashes at home. He asked to be scattered at the Severn Valley, South Devon and the Festiniog and Blaenau Railways. He was a through and through Great Western Railway fan. Unfortunately this will have to be delayed until next year due to the current circumstances.

Michael, as many of you know was an incredible modeller. The kind editor of O Gauge Gazette published an article, written by John Mileson, about his layout last month, which some of you might have seen.

I built this website to give Michael an interest while he was going through his battle.

Garden Railway

Unfortunately, I recently found out there was an error on the site, and therefore not working properly, but hopefully that has been rectified.

I won’t be adding more posts but will keep it live for information purposes only .

I will shortly start to sell his layout and stock, very heartbreaking, but it needs to go to those who will get great pleasure from his life’s work.

I am possibly looking at starting a shop here at Lets go Loco and will advise shortly about this.

If you are interested in discussing about any of his layout or stock drop me an email

Kathryn xx

Main Picture part of his indoor layout

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