An article by Phil Webb on the Change.org web site talks about the fact that after over a year of St Modwen badly planning the future of the railway works it’s time the town and Milton Keynes council stood up and said enough is enough we have been promised an unwanted food store in keeping with Wolverton and the conservation area. But the have designed a glass metal box with no pitch roof or red brick it feels like we have been lied to.

I have gone through all supporting document submitted for both applications for the site and no document has got any truth to them, here is an example of the untrue that have been said in a way to get the building demolished.

There are 9 disused buildings on the site which comprise of Victorian purpose-built carriage sheds, workshops and shunting yards.

These buildings were primarily used for the production of carriages and rolling stock. The buildings on the site have been left vacant for circa 50 years with no ongoing maintenance during this period. This has left the buildings contained within the site in a severely dilapidated state and in an unsafe condition.

I have questioned St Modwen on this but they are refusing to answer.

How ever if there is 9 unused buildings on site then that is most of the side as there a 12 buildings on site. and the last time I was on site all building apart from the old sawmill joiners and smithy shop are in use as part of the rail maintenance group.

Also with the the statement about the buildings being left vacant for circa 50 year is a out right lie this is untrue even when the works down sized to what it is now the shop started closing down in 1986 up to 1989 then the east end of the site was sold to Tesco and demolition started mid 1991. the sawmill joiners and smithy was last used and entered in 1994, I for the life of me I don’t understand why the council even have to think about the application they should both be thrown out.

The site needs cleaning up and work needs doing to the buildings and the Wolverton wall needs repointing but the is no reason or need for demolition the old falling down building need working on again it would cost more to pull them down as the cellars would need filling and his could be hard but with some thought live could be brought back to them.
Maybe a canal side cafe in the cellars and a research or teaching centre on the top levels or even the long await Wolverton works heritage centre.

All though the application St Modwen have never give yes or no answers its always if and maybes and the even at public meeting the answers are maybe and what if’s there is nothing clear.

No effort has been made it interact with the people of Wolverton in what they want to happen to their works or even take on board what we have said.

So why not use the link and sign up to our petition.

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