Would You Like To Volunteer To Keep The Trains Running?

Would You Like To Volunteer To Keep The Trains Running?

An article by Doug Faulkner in EDP 24 talks about the fact that volunteers are needed to get on board and keep the trains running

Therefore if you have ever wanted to feel the breeze whistling through your hair, hear the chugging of a steam engine and shout “all aboard” this is the job for you.

The Wells to Walsingham Light Railway is recruiting volunteers to help keep the trains running on time.

Wells to Walsingham

Volunteer Doug Boyd at the Wells to Walsingham Light Railway. Picture: Ian Burt


As well as drivers and guards, the railway needs people willing to get their hands dirty in a variety of roles, from gardeners to mechanics to general dogsbodies.

The railway was founded by Lt Cdr Roy Francis, an arctic convoy veteran, in 1982 and has become a familiar sight for holidaymakers heading to the port town.

Now run by Nick Champion, who is married to Lt Cdr Francis’s granddaughter, the railway has a team of around 30 volunteers, but is looking for some fresh blood.

Mr Champion said: “We are looking to do more than we have before. Last year we held events for Halloween and Christmas which were fantastic, so I want to do more of that sort of thing.

We need guards and drivers in the summer, but in the winter there is an awful lot of maintenance to be done.

“We have to inspect the track, put up fencing, tidy up the banks and all sorts of things. I want to make it a really friendly place to visit, so we want people to greet visitors and have a chat with them.”

From March 28, the railway will be open every day, making four trips each way along the four-mile track.

Wells to Walsingham

Railway enthusiasts on the Walsingham to Wells light railway. Picture: Ian Burt


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Featured Image – Commander Roy Francis was awarded the Arctic Star Medal in recognition of his part in the Arctic Convoys during WWII. Picture: Ian Burt

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